Video dispatch

VIDEO: The Barman

The Euromaidan revolution started with a peaceful student-led protest in November 2013. Its violent suppression provoked an escalation of tensions and brutalities, which ended in the ousting of a government and former President Yanukovych. As it turned out, it was a prelude to yet another wave of crisis, which resulted in the Russian annexation of Crimea and the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine.

The story of Maidan changed the lives of many people. A 27-year-old barman, Max Ostyak, was one of them. He started as a peaceful volunteer, serving tea on the square. But when the clashes between the protesters and the riot police started to get serious, Max turned to more radical methods – pioneering the first mass production of molotov cocktails.

Directed & Produced by The Nose
Presenter: Francesca Ebel
Editing & Translation: Oleg Naumenko
Filming: Andrew Dzunya
Graphics: Neil Burns & Leaf Arbuthnot


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