Beach Hut Exhibition

Saturday 29 April – Saturday 1 July
Beach Hut People / Sue Bennett and Di Humphreys

To celebrate the publication of Beach Hut People there will be an exhibition to compliment and expand the book. Including photographs of local 'beach hut people' as well as new artwork by Sue Bennett and Di Humphreys, and hut memorabilia from The Frinton & Walton Heritage Society.

If you have a photograph of you or your family in front or inside of your beach hut that you would like to be included in the show, get in touch:


Sue Bennett and Di Humphreys

Blistering Barnacles’, ‘Windy Bottom’, ‘Idle Ours’. I find the curious and funny names people give their huts amusing, they add to the seaside flavour of a walk along the esplanade. I like the serial nature of the repeated hut shapes and the serrated pattern of shadow in strong sunlight. For me the colour of the huts seems to have bled out into the surrounding cliff and sea.
-Di Humphreys

Colour is very important to me in my painting. My work usually encompasses abstract and semi-abstract forms. In these paintings, 'Close Knit' and 'Sunny Day' I am trying to convey the colour, excitement and shared experience of the great wealth of beach huts that give our seaside town so much character. The huts are a huge draw and a brilliant catalyst for memory making, and, well, having a good time.
-Sue Bennett

The collection of paint stirring sticks and paint hardened brushes are a little reminder of the work and care that goes into maintaining the huts.



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