The Nose

  1. Photography

    Not a Camera Club
    Wednesday 10th July
    5pm - 7pm

    A monthly discussion-based meeting for photographers from amateur to experienced, to share work, gain feedback, and explore new ideas. This month’s theme is 'The High Street'. Bring along photos to share or upload photos to our FB group:
    New start time this month is 5pm - 7pm.

    Photo by Carl Surry.

  2. DJ

    Ear at The nOse 
    Friday 19th July
    5pm - 7pm

    Italo disco special! Ewan O’Neill will be playing a DJ session playing an eclectic playlist of electronic, experimental and enjoyable music to sit and savour on our Friday late night opening. Come and expand your music knowledge.

  3. Art Club

    Art Club: Jane Stewart
    Climate Change Collage
    Thursday 4th July 
    7pm - 9pm, Free.

    Over the coming weeks Jane Stewart will be offering 'Climate Change Collage' workshops in various places locally, starting with 4th July at the Nose Art Club. 'Climate Change' along with such phrases like 'more plastic than fish by 2050', are heard so often that they lose their meaning. Jane wants to know what 'Climate Change' means to you. This work will feed into the Eco Youth project that is happening at the Harwich Arts Centre this summer for young people between 16 and 23. If you know anyone in the Harwich, Dovercourt or Walton area who might be interested, let her know!