The Nose

  1. Poetry

    Poetry Might...
    Poetry at the Bookshop
    Saturday 25th May
    5pm - 7pm, Free.

    Poetry session at The Nose Bookshop. Bring along a poem you have written or a poet whose work you want to share. Poets, Readers, Sound Poetry, Performers, Listeners, all welcome. This month's theme is beginnings.

  2. Art Club

    Primary colours
    Thursday 23rd May, 7pm - 9pm

    Session 2 and 3 will explore the use of primary colours to develop semi-abstract pictures. Firstly we will use cut and stick techniques used by Matisse in his later years, using coloured paper to produce representations of life and nature.

    This will be followed by the use of repeating shapes as is featured by native Australian artists in their paintings of events from “the Dream Time”

    Led by Ian Noble.

  3. Music

    Afternoon Acoustic
    Friday 24th May, from 6.30pm
    Maia Stewart on the Ukulele.

    Relaxed afternoon listening session in the bookshop. Free.