Bringing it All Back Home

Jennifer Lewandowski
Saturday 24 September, 6 ­– 8 pm

A film, food and meditation event to mark the Autumn Equinox with Jennifer Lewandowski

Please join us at The Nose on Saturday 24th September at 6pm, there will be a short meditation on balance at 6:30pm followed by a screening of her new artist film Streams of Vitality. Healing tea and shots of energy elixirs made from seasonal foraged fruits will be served along with foods harvested from the local marine landscape.

Artist Jennifer Lewandowski has been enriching her knowledge of coastal areas in the south east of England and thinking about the effects that living by the sea may have on our mental health and spiritual wellbeing. She has been gathering edible plants; coastal flora, seaweeds and marsh succulents and filming in the landscape. Culminating in a new body of work, drawings, photography and paintings, and experimental film and sound meditations, inspired by the energy of the sea and presented in environments where she cooks and serves food foraged from the local area.

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