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Art Club: Painting and Drawing 

If you enjoyed the first four Painting and Drawing sessions with Ian Noble then why not come to the next four. If you haven’t been before why not give it a try. We will continue to provide the materials and subject matter to continue the relaxed atmosphere of Art at the Nose.

Art Club prices

Full Price £8 per session Book Here
Concession Price £6 per session Book Here

You can book in advance online or pay as you go in the shop. If you book online can you also email: to let me know you are coming.

Primary colours
Thursday 23rd May, 7pm - 9pm
Thursday 30th May, 7pm - 9pm

Session 2 and 3 will explore the use of primary colours to develop semi-abstract pictures. Firstly we will use cut and stick techniques used by Matisse in his later years, using coloured paper to produce representations of life and nature.

This will be followed by the use of repeating shapes as is featured by native Australian artists in their paintings of events from “the Dream Time”

Black and White
Thursday 6 June, 7pm-9pm

Finally. Enough of all this colour and back to using charcoal and white chalk to construct your images. Your subject matter will be black objects spread out on black material. The challenge will be to use white to produce shade and shadows to produce pictures of solid objects.

If none of these sessions appeal then just come and join us and choose your own activity as long as you can give us plenty of notice of what you need to do it. We can’t guarantee we have everything available but we will give it a try.








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