Jane Stewart Artist Talk

Artist Talk with Jane Stewart
Saturday 1st April, 4.30pm
Jane Stewart
Marine Cyanotypes

Jane Stewart is a visual and community artist and storyteller based on the Essex coast, her work is rooted in nature, especially the coast, oceans, bodies of water and our relationship to them. Where possible she restricts her practice to materials that cause no harm to the environment. Recycled or natural materials, fabric plundered from charity shops, artefacts found on beach cleaning and mudlarking expeditions. In 2021 she won first prize at a climate change and ocean awareness climate exhibition in Zurich.  She will be talking about her process of making 'Marine Cyanotypes' and about Jeff the Whale;'He died for our sins,' and showing a short film on 'mapping the coast'.

Inspired by the Essex coast, Jane created large cyanotype pieces as a collaboration with the sea. The non-harmful cyanotype chemicals were applied to paper and then placed on the tideline where seaweed and other flotsam were added during the developing process to create large abstract prints.

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