Seaside Blues Film Club

Saturday 25 March, 6pm and 7pm
At Land by Maya Deren, 1944 (15 min)
With improvised soundscape by her&her.

At Land (1944) is a 15-minute silent experimental film written, directed by, and starring Maya Deren. It has a dream-like narrative in which a woman, played by Deren, is washed up on a beach and goes on a strange journey encountering other people and other versions of herself.

This screening will be accompanied by a live, improvised soundscape from holistic musicians Catherine Shrubshall & Cydnei B, aka: “her&her” with the underscoring soundtrack devised and engineered by Richard Kett. 

There will be an opportunity for discussions with the artists after each showing. 
Drinks and cake served. Help support the musicians; donations welcome and CD for sale. her&her

At Land painting by Glenda Wakeman
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Saturday 18th March, 6pm,
Joey, 2020 (14 min), free.
by William Ash and Andrew Knott

A beautiful short film about a lonely clown working in a forgotten seaside resort who falls in love with a local waitress. Their encounter forces him to face his fears and confront a terrible secret he thought he could hide forever.

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Saturday 11th March, 6pm
Wild Westville, Roll Spacer, Wave/evaW
By Sally Child 

Two films by the Rubbish Film Institute (RFI)

Wild Westville, with song by Mickey Brown (3 mins)
Roll Spacer  (3 mins)
Wave/evaW, (7 mins)

An artist film by Sally Child. A singing meditation made specially for The Nose.
7 minute soundscape, audience participation appreciated.


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Saturday 18th March, 6pm
Joey, 2020 (14 min)
by William Ash and Andrew Knott

A lonely clown working in a forgotten seaside resort falls in love and is forced to confront a terrible secret he's been hiding.

Saturday 25 March, 6pm
At Land, 1944 (15 min)
by Maya Deren, with live score by Her & Her

A woman is washed up on a beach and goes on a strange journey encountering other people and other versions of herself. An experimental film directed and starring Maya Deren.


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Painting by Glenda Wakeman

Seaside Blues Film Club
Saturday 4 March, 5.30pm
Three Salons at the Seaside by Philippa Lowthorpe
Film, 39 minutes, 1994

A short documentary on the staff and customers of three Blackpool hair dressing salons in the 1990s. Touching stories of love, loss and gritty determination to carry on and make the best of things with a sense of humour abound.

‘We normally have clients coming in as they're going to funerals, and they like to borrow a bag... It's only a small, soft black bag, but it's gone to so many funerals for different clients that we've now termed it the 'Funeral Bag.' And I usually leave in a little bit of money and the odd mint... it just means they've got something somebody else cares for as well.’

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Saturday 25 February, 5pm and 6pm
Salt Wounds by Hannah Renton
16mm, Film 17 mins, 2022
Free spirited Myra returns home to care for her mother, Rose, after she has a fall. While Rose struggles to accept her impending dependency, Myra is haunted by the past. The physical intimacy that initially horrifies allows them to see each other anew, if only for a moment.
Hannah is a UK filmmaker working in both fiction and documentary forms. She makes tender, intimate films that explore our capacity for joy and resilience.

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Saturday 18 February, showing at 4pm and 5pm (film 30 minutes), free.
Blackwater Mouth Tollesbury Creek Jumping Ladz by Tilly Shiner

A filthy love letter to Essex. In a village at the end of the road, teenage boys smothered in black mud, run wild through the vast salt marshes in a bizarre tradition hundreds of years old - ‘creek-jumping’. Covid has heightened anxiety about cleanliness - it is a social taboo to be dirty. These teenagers throw mud in the face of social norms (literally). In this extraordinary landscape, ritually transformed by the tide, they race through the creek, hurl themselves into the sea and muse on strange local myths - Cannibalism! Shipwrecks! Nuclear power explosions! As the brink of adulthood approaches they struggle to imagine their uncertain futures but they know just how to live in the present - shoes off, mud between the toes, sun burning down, hearts thumping…

Film by Tilly Shiner, Cinematography Jon Muschamp, Sound House of Noise, Music Gold Panda & Infinite Livez, Graphic Design work-form, Supported by Arts Council England.
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Saturday 11 February, 4pm 
Azul by Tina Rowe

For her short artist film, Tina coated a 50 year old wedding dress in the cyanotype chemistry and exposed it on a beach in Walton. She then walked into the sea where contact with water caused the colour to become bright blue and the shadows of the shells and seaweed to start to pop. Wedding dresses are loaded with a slew of agreed meanings and a further load of personal interpretation. The change from exposed unwashed chemistry to the shift to blue when it is touched by water reflects the simple gesture of a pen swipe on a contract that can seed and legitimize life changing, world changing, events. 
Tina Rowe is an artist who works with the tools of analogue photography to explore the ways that human presence is recorded and lost in the landscape. Her work makes use of the material possibilities of light sensitive chemicals on different substrates. She is particularly interested in early processes and is a founder member of e5process darkroom, which was set up specifically to support artists who use film photography.

March Films TBC

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