Book Launch and Signing

The Naze: Natural History Flora and Fauna, by Steven Walker.
Saturday 10th June, 4.30pm –6.30pm 

The Naze is a special place to local people in Walton on the Naze and visitors from far afield. It is also of International significance to scientists due to its unique geology, ecology, fossils, nature reserves and the impact of rising sea levels causing the cliffs to erode.

Climate change is being reported more and more frequently, sometimes in ways that make it seem a far away problem or too overwhelming to comprehend. Yet the impact of climate change is affecting the Naze. In recent years experts have reported that the UK’s wildlife is continuing to decline, with hundreds of species now at risk of disappearing altogether. The Naze is not immune to this threat. Over the past 50 years, urbanisation, agriculture, pollution and climate change have all caused the plants and animals to dwindle, and the cliffs to erode, a trend that has continued unabated within the last decade despite efforts to reverse these losses. The Naze is in the front line of danger to Tendring’s environment and species.
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