Beach Hut People

We are excited to announce that we have published a new book 'Beach Hut People' by Nancy Stevenson, in time for summer 2023,

Have you ever wondered about the people who choose to spend summer days in their beach huts? Maybe you’ve taken pictures of the huts and chuckled at their cheeky names? Perhaps you’ve peeked inside their open doors? Possibly you've paused and said hello to the people sat chatting and drinking tea outside?

Nancy Stevenson captures a unique slice of seaside culture by taking us on a journey in which we discover more about the people who inhabit these ‘sheds by the sea’. Beach Hut People takes us beyond the hut exteriors and uncovers the way of the beach hut community. Exploring traditions, changes, challenges and personal expression and style, Nancy shares her reflections on beach hut culture in this thoughtful and eloquent book. Based on conversations with 60 people who own or regularly visit beach huts, it is a collection of shared stories: experiences, routines, of things that people collect and display in their huts, and the way they choose to style them.

Nancy began her journey unconvinced; she loved the beach but was always on the move. A walker and a swimmer, she just couldn’t see the attraction of settling down in a hut but started to understand as she collected stories between 2019 and 2022. People shared memories about the best days, the olden days, childhood, family and the feelings evoked by a day at the hut. She was welcomed into a friendly community which started to give her a sense of what it is to be a ‘beach-hutter’.

Beach Hut People
By Nancy Stevenson
Published by Publishing Household, 2023
Price £10.99
Paperback, 240pp
Creative non-fiction/social history

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The book is also available to bookshops for a wholesale price of £6.99.

Image: Steph, Grandma and Natalie, Low Wall. 


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