• Book Sale Harvest, by Adrian May

Book Sale Harvest, by Adrian May

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In every object is a story. Books and pens. Ukuleles and harmonicas. Soup bowls, strawberries or tins of paint. Songs from the music hall. An Anglepoise lamp. More books. Always more books. In Boot Sale Harvest, author, poet and songwriter Adrian May takes a seasonal journey through the car-boot fields that artist Grayson Perry has described as being like a “casual museum”. In the boot sales of Essex we discover the lost and found of everyday life, and begin to reclaim the “things that the everyday folks leave behind”. And in the bricolage of overlooked histories we learn of forgotten writers, of fairy tales, of the need for magic and humour, and of love and loss and everything in between. What is really found at the boot sales, and in these pages, are the honest treasures of our society – from a writer we can treasure, too.

Boot Sale Harvest by Adrian May is published by Dunlin Press, 2023, £12.