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Walton Flax Exchange NETbook
Shane Waltener, Emma Eagle, Merlin Nova.
Published by PrintRoom with Publishing Household

This NETbook documents  the Walton Flax Exchange, a flax to fibre project initiated by artist Shane Waltener. Using flax, grown and harvested in Walton, the exhibition at The Nose, Essex, displayed the processing of the locally grown flax crops from plant to linen, introducing the idea of soil-to-soil clothing made from fabric which is entirely compostable. Shane exhibited Flax tools and sculptures in the project space which were interwoven with public demonstrations, talks and performances, inviting other practitioners and members of the public to skill exchange and share knowledge on the subject. This booklet includes documentation of the project sharing knowledge about how to turn flax to fibre. It includes an article by Emma Eagle about local plants and dyes found on The Naze, and a visual score from a Processing Flax’ composition by Merlin Nova from a performance with Shane Waltener.