Past Events

  1. Open Gardens and Garden Party

    Open Gardens 
    Saturday 22nd June
    10am - 4pm

    Visit The Nose for tea, cake, a street planter with seasonal planting and a crab apple tree. Plant stall by Ian Noble and Art in the window by Jo Marshall. This is part of Open Gardens, a weekend of varied selection of private gardens across Walton on the Naze . Find out more here: Tickets for Open Gardens Weekend are £5 and available in advance from The Nose.

    Nose 2nd Birthday Garden Party
    Saturday 22nd June
    3.30pm - 5.30pm

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  2. Music

    Electronic Music Open Mic
    Sunday 19th May, 4pm - 8pm

    EMOM Colchester has teamed up with Clacton Arts Centre and The Nose to bring the EMOM movement to Walton! Join us on Sunday 19th May for a packed lineup of eight exciting electronic acts from across the spectrum of electronic music genres playing short sets of original music.
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  3. Art Club

    Black and White
    Thursday 6 June, 7pm-9pm

    Enough of all this colour and back to using charcoal and white chalk to construct your images. Your subject matter will be black objects spread out on black material. The challenge will be to use white to produce shade and shadows to produce pictures of solid objects.

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  4. Music

    Afternoon Acoustic
    Friday 24th May, from 6.30pm
    Maia Stewart on the Ukulele.

    Relaxed afternoon listening session in the bookshop. Free.
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  5. Music

    The Ear at The Nose
    Saturday 18th May
    3pm-5pm, Free

    Ewan O’Neill will be starting a regular DJ session playing an eclectic playlist of electronic, experimental and enjoyable music to sit and savour on a Saturday afternoon. Come and expand your music knowledge.

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  6. Photography

    Not a Camera Club
    Wednesday 8th May
    3pm - 5pm *New Afternoon Time*

    A monthly discussion-based meeting for photographers from amateur to experienced, to share work, gain feedback, and explore new ideas.

    Sally set a 'Shadow Collector' brief to collect 10 different types of shadows.

    We will also be selecting photographs for our exhibition 'The Fragile Naze' at the NPS event on June 1st.

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